xPLM Solution acquires Sinteg

xPLM Solution specializes in providing integration solutions and deployment services to the PLM industry has acquired Sinteg AG.
For more than 20 years, xPLM Solution has been at the forefront of developing and deploying optimal integrations of leading CAD, PLM and ERP systems. All integration solutions are built upon a common integration platform with system-specific connectors.

“The requirements regarding documentation publication and distribution, especially of electronic documentation, are dramatically increasing. New media and technologies such as tablets and other mobile devices offer innovative opportunities for publishing product information. Sinteg’s range of solutions and services will become a strategic component to our product and services portfolio. We are gaining a team of truly world class specialists. This will enable xPLM Solution to better help our customers integrate fully capable and efficient document publishing solutions proactively within their PLM process. In doing so, our customers will achieve significant competitive advantage through the expedited market launch of their products with all their required documentation supporting all the languages, formats and devices necessary”
Charly Wachtel Managing Director of xPLM Solution.

“This merger will expand our sales and implementation services into North America and will allow us to further invest in our products and integrate their capabilities deeper into commercial PLM solutions and authoring
systems (ECAD and MCAD environments). xPLM Solution also works with a variety of PLM suppliers providing us the opportunity to globally market our leading publication solutions”
Albin Hollenstein Managing Director of Sinteg
Announcement (English)
PLM Publisher

Sinteg's Publishing Solutions for Oracle Agile PLM

Sinteg develops and distributes the PLM Publishing Suite. The main application areas for Oracle Agile PLM are:
  • PLM Publisher - Authoring system for the production of manuals and books. PLM Publisher is available with editor interfaces to Adobe FrameMaker and Broadvision QuickSilver. With its interface to Adobe FrameMaker, PLM Publisher is a full scale XML authoring environment for Single Source Publishing. Publishing from one source to MS-Word, InDesign, PDF and other output formats with a touch of a button. Control and improve your documentation process with content reuse, change management control and automated translation processes.

    PLM Publisher for FrameMaker - brochure

  • PLM Spares - Production of electronic parts catalogs from the Agile PLM data source to be distributed by CD-ROM or Internet; includes the production of print catalogs.

    PLM Spares - brochure

  • PLM Catalog - Production of coloured and layout-rich product catalogs from the Agile PLM data source. FrameMaker and InDesign output formats available.